ECOYA Brand Shoot 2014 - Pls credit Photographer Olivia Hemus

Our beautiful friends at ECOYA have recently unveiled their new brand imagery – and it’s nothing short of absolutely stunning!

The brand imagery depicts how Ecoya has evolved as a brand since 2004, going from strength to strength. Ecoya is sold right here in Australia in David Jones and also Liberty on London as well as the iconic Bloomingdales in the US. And, wait for it – now sell a product every 45 seconds (can you believe Ecoya has only been around for 10 years – and is so iconic!?)

The stunning imagery was shot by fashion photographer, Olivia Hemus and styled by Rachel Morton – depicting the Ecoya “family” amongst a whimsical set that features some of the scents and ingredients found within Ecoya products.

The imagery just oozes sophistication and encapsulates refined elegance, without being too precious – just how you want your home and all your treasures within in it to be!
The imagery makes me wish I was having a little afternoon soiree with my best girlfriends (favourite Ecoya scent burning in the background, of course!)

We’re thrilled to share this little behind the scenes snippet from this stunning ECOYA shoot…

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By Terry – Hylauronic Summer Bronzing Veil | Jurlique – Nutri-Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream | Kevyn Aucoin – Liquifuchsia Cream Blush | MAC – Relentlessly Red Lipstick | Kerastase – Soleil CC Creme | Ella Bache – Radiance C Antioxidant Defence Mist 

There are some things one should simply not go without as the humidity rises – a healthy ‘glow’ [faux or otherwise] is non negotiable. But a tan isn’t enough on it’s own to give you a radiant glowing complexion, you’ll need super hydrated, healthy skin and maybe, just a little help from your friends [AKA 6 products that will change your life, for Summer, anyway].

You need to ensure you always (always, always!) have a smooth, hydrated base to work with, whether you’re going sans makeup or otherwise. One of my favourite moisturisers of all time just so happens to be the latest and greatest moisturiser from Jurlique. From the Nutri-Define range, the Multi-Correcting Day Cream is super hydrating and enriched with Biosome5 – five SUPER potent ingredients including Rosemary, horseradish, mulberry, peppermint an glycogen, as well as Rapeseed oil (full of essential fatty acids) and Squalane Oil (which prevents water loss).

When it comes to bronzing, a powder bronzer can look a little cakey – so opt for a liquid bronzer that you can layer, mix, or alter ever so slightly pending on the occasion or your mood (tinted moisturiser with SPF for the beach or illuminator for Sunday cocktails). By Terry’s Hylauronic Summer Hydra-Veil plumps and hydrates the skin through the powerful hylauronic acid found within the bronzer, skin looks super smooth, almost airbrushed but not too ‘masked’.

Never underestimate the power of a great cream blush, I love Kevyn Aucoin’s Liquifuschia as a TINY bit goes a very, very long way. Don’t be intimidated by the super bright pink colour, blended, it gives a subtle rosy glow. Swathe the apples of your cheeks in this cream blush and finish with a tiny dab on the tip of your nose, centre of your forehead and [an even tinier dab] on your eyelids, it will give you a European-Summer holiday glow. Finish off your glowing complexion with a pop colour lip, the perfect little pick-me-up that lets you go from beach to bar or simply as a means to look super polished with as little effort as possible, my favourite colour at the moment is MAC Relentlessly Red – it’s the perfect bright, pinky red that has a blue undertone so it makes your pearly whites appear even whiter and suits all skin tones.

For your hair, the key is keep your tresses looking healthy and lush – never dry or damaged, even if you are opting for an un-done post beach look.
Kerastase’s new limited edition Soleil CC Creme protects hair from harmful UV rays and environment aggressors such as the ocean which can leave hair dull, faded and brittle. It is also enriched with safflower oil, ceramics and antioxidants to nourish and repair the hair – and finally linseed oil and illuminating pearls will leave your locks glowing!

Whether you are spending a day at the beach or are running from your desk to an event or are travelling this Summer, a facial mist is the perfect way to keep your skin looking radiant all day (and night!) long.
Ella Bache’s Radiance C Antioxidant Defence Mist is enriched with Vitamin C and Hylauronic Acid – two key ingredients for supreme skin hydration. Amongst many other powerful ingredients, it also features Witch Hazel extract which acts as a antibacterial pore cleanser that removes excess oil. Whether you need to refresh your makeup at 4pm or give your skin a little TLC when travelling or after a day at the beach – this is a MUST have!



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9ONE5 x DMK - Super Model Skin - DMK

As you may know, we have been visiting our local Danné Montague King clinic, undertaking a series of treatments exclusive to DMK, Enzyme Therapy.
In case you missed our introduction to the DMK brand and Enzyme Therapy, you can read all about it here.

Today, I wanted to check in to provide you with a quick update on my skin and the results you can expect from your Enzyme Therapy.

I have undergone a total of three Enzyme Masques so far; DMK recommends between 6 to 12 treatments to achieve optimal results; but, in just three treatments, my skin is already so much smoother than when I first began my series of treatments! There have been three major developments I’ve seen in my skin over the process;
1. Skin smoothness
2. Improved evenness of skin tone
3. My skin heals far faster than it did before

Obviously, miracles can’t be expected in just three 45 minute sessions, so I’m attributing my increasingly- radiant complexion down to my DMK home care programme.

The products I wanted to share with you are products that I believe will work for EVERY skin type regardless of condition, age or specific concern.

photo (10)

EYETONE-HEADERI don’t know about you, but I have been known to layer anywhere between 2-4 eye products. I am only in my mid-twenties, but if I am showing first signs of fine lines anywhere, it is definitely around my eyes.

I have replaced three products that I regularly use with just one, Eye Tone. Eye tone is a heavy serum like formula that brightens, tones and firms the under eye area while plumping fine lines through the infusion of hyaluronic acid in the serum.

If you are after a no-fuss product to really work on your under-eye area, this is it.

BETAGELI use a lot of serums, all delivering similar results, however I have never used anything like Beta Gel! The results of this serum takes around 4 weeks of consistent use to see results, and even so, I only noticed how it affected my skin when I stopped using it.

This serum encapsulates Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Betaglucan to stimulate the skins immune system – allowing the skin to generate healthier skin cells.

So what differences have I seen in my skin? An exponential increase in hydration and (this, I absolutely LOVE) a far, far greater increase in skin healing time. I am generally quite a slow healer – if I squeeze a pimple (blasphemy, I know! But we all do it!) it will take me sometimes up to 2-3 weeks for the redness to go away.

Now I put this serum to the test (to note, I definitely did not plan this) when I burnt my forehead with a curling wand, two applications of this serum a day over a 48 hour period, and the burn was completely healed, this would usually take weeks to heal on my skin!

Even if you opt to use this serum as a rescue remedy when your skin needs an extra immune boost, it is definitely one to invest in, and if you use it everyday, just like taking a series of multi-vitamins, your skin will simply go from strength to strength, what’s not to love!

EFA+I am sure you have read the benefits of taking a hair and skin supplement or how fish oil can boost your skins appearance. I took a hair and skin supplement everyday for years, however I was never sure it was actually doing anything. DMK’s efa+ are a premium blend of essential fatty acids inclusive of antioxidants found within fish oil, vitamin E supplements and more!

Take this supplement religiously for 3-4 weeks (you need to give yourself at least 3 weeks to see real results) and I promise, you will notice your skin will become far more healthy and radiant – also expect glossier, thicker hair and faster growing nails.

So what’s the difference between this supplement and one you can buy the supermarket? The concentration and purity of the ingredients; the quality of essential acids found within DMK’s efa+ allow your body absorb them straight away while something you buy in the supermarket, it could be weeks, even months before your body responds to the active ingredients and then starts to absorb it.

It is also proven that Vitamin E prevents premature signs of aging and long term use of Vitamin E can boost the skins’ immune to UVB exposure and reduce the severity of sunburns; best to start using now in preparing for glowing, healthy skin this Summer!

I will be sure to keep you posted on my DMK journey; and stay tuned for as we focus on a series skincare features as Spring is fast approaching!

To start your own DMK journey or to purchase any DMK products, visit the Danné Montague King website to find your nearest clinic to purchase products or to book a skin consultation.

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So you have your Summer foundation and your Winter foundation, accessories for every occasion and skincare for every concern, but have you ever thought of building your hairspray wardrobe?
Whether your in search of the perfect all-rounder or have your signature style that needs to be set to perfection – we’ve searched high and low to bring you six of the very best hairsprays.


You need the perfect ‘all rounder’
Original & Mineral – Original Queenie Hairspray
It’s harder to report on things this hairspray can’t do as opposed to what it does do. O&M’s Original Queenie offers medium, flexible hold – it’s perfect for keeping a bouncy blow wave in tact, without a tacky, crunchy finish. My favourite thing about this hairspray is that it has a matte finish (think of the mist as hairspray with just a tiny of volumising powder) but unlike other ‘matte finish’ sprays, Original Queenie leaves hair ultra hydrated and manageable.

You need to set a smooth glossy style
Kerastase – Laque Couture Hairspray
This ultra-fine mist hairspray seals locks to perfection, the spray smooths hair cuticles to eliminate frizz while delivering medium hold for all styles. Great for keeping volume at the roots and perfect to hold loosely finished up-styles in place; sans fly aways!

You need just a little extra hold for your ‘natural’ style
L’Oreal Professional
– Nude Touch
So you’re going for that beachy/I just rolled out of bed and look amazing kind of ‘do today. Hairspray looks far too overdone. A few spritzes of ‘Nude Touch’ will give hair just a little added hold, with a little added ‘sheen’. Unlike traditional mist-hairsprays, this product keeps styles in place with a fine spritz. The fact that it smells delicious is an added bonus!

You need volume and don’t want your waves to drop
Living Proof – Flex Shaping Hairspray
This beauty of a hairspray was recommended to me by one of the head hair stylists at E! in Los Angeles. This hairspray is a little gem. It offers medium hold that lasts and lasts! I also love that it offers humidity protection. It has a powder-like mist that is very similar to O&M’s Original Queenie. It is perfect for using on hair pre heat styling as, like your favourite foundation, t’s completely layerable pending on the amount of hold you need.

You are styling your hair once. That’s once only. For the next three days.
– Power Mist
Curling your hair and don’t need it to last until tomorrow, you need it to last ALL weekend? Look no further than Joico’s Power Mist – I have never come across a hairspray that lasts as long as this! Hair never becomes crunchy or stiff. Joico’s Power Mist offers humidity protection and brilliant shine. I have curled my hair before bed, finished with this hairspray and have woken up with perfectly bouncy curls. Just be mindful that this hairspray REALLY holds if you’ve used more than one mist; if you tie your hair with an elastic or finish with a clip, be prepared to see evidence of this.

You just need to add a little radiance to your hair, with the subtlest hold
Schwarzkopf – OSiS Sparkler Gloss Shine Spray
Lusting after sparkling hair, but don’t want the weight of an oil or crème? OSiS Sparkler Shine Spray instantly leaves hair with luminous glow with a very subtle hold. I love using this spray to refresh and revive dull looking second-day curls or waves or finishing a sleek ponytail with a generous mist. There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this spray; you can even add to damp hair to detangle and condition and as for finishing, there’s no style that it won’t complement perfectly.

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Flawless skin can be so empowering. You know, that confidence that you exude when you just know your skin is positively glowing?

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Jurlique products – and namely, the Rosewater Mist Intense. It’s a must-have product for me that’s earned a prime position on my vanity.
In case that’s not enough to convince you how great a Rosewater mist is, now is probably a good time to mention that Rosewater mist is one of the very few products that Olivia Palermo swears by…

Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense provides hydration, protection and conditions the skin all in one quick spritz.
The mist features a limited edition rose blend consisting of five precious rose extracts, aloe vera and marshmallow (which offers intense hydration and softening properties!).

On no makeup days, I love spritzing it all over my face post moisturiser to give a dewy glow or using 3-4 sprays mid afternoon to revive a tired or dull complexion.
Rosewater mist is also perfect to keep on hand when your skin is being a little temperamental, nothing soothes like it. Whether it’s super dry from cold wind or a long flight or a little burnt from the sun or red and raw from a series of breakouts – a few spritzes will calm the skin in less than a minute.

So, why am I telling you about a Rosewater mist right now!? For 2014, Jurlique has released a Limited Edition of this miracle mist that gives back.
The revolutionary brand has established the Jurlique ‘Ideas of Beauty Fund‘ – to support beautiful ideas that empower and educate women and children globally.
Your shiny new mist features words of empowerment that inspire women globally – think strength, liberty, hopeconfidence and knowledge.
And the best bit? From each 200ml Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe (RRP $74) sold – Jurlique will make a contribution to the Ideas of Beauty fund.

We shared our words of empowerment with the wonderful Jurlique team, our favourite word being ‘sparkle‘ – so make your skin sparkle and add a little sparkle to the lives of others through your purchase. It’s not just a beauty product – it’s a movement!

Visit the Jurlique Ideas of Beauty site to purchase your Rosewater Mist Intense Deluxe Edition (it’s available today!!) and to also find out more about Jurlique’s Ideas of Beauty Fund and the charities they support and people they empower.

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The perfect LBD is absolutely timeless, but sometimes it’s how you put the dress together that makes all the difference.
Inspired by Giambattista Valli’s Spring 2013 Collection (see below runway pics – THAT  flawless impeccably dewy skin, flushed lips and lightly tousled hair) – we compiled our must-have accessories and finishing touches to a timeless outfit.

A perfect dewy pink lip is essential, Max Factor’s Lipfinity range literally lasts ALL day, so need to re-apply from desk to drinks (in case you don’t believe me, check out this quick video of us road testing the Lipfinity shade ‘Just in Love’).

When it comes to your skin, hydration is key – Jurlique’s latest Rose Moisture Plus Serum enriches the skin and ensures skin stays dewy all day.
Danne Montague King’s Herb & Mineral Mist packs a serious punch, this little miracle worker is enriched with vitamins and minerals to enrich the skin and to active ingredients in your skin care, it is also perfect to revive tired or heavy makeup. Definitely one to keep in the handbag or carry-on during even the shortest flights!

Amazing hair isn’t even questionable when it comes to the perfect complement to an LBD. Whether it’s up or down, it’ll be glossy and gorgeous. For long locks, turn to one of my absolute favourite haircare ranges, Kerastase Cristalliste. One of their latest products is their dual sculpting serum that consists of oil gloss to build hair fibres and an aqueous serum. The result? Hydrated, glossy, luxe locks.

Laura Mercier launches an amazing new high-coverage concealer on July 7th (mark in diary. NOW!) The concealer is designed to completely cover dark under eye circles. Hello make-up bag must have and Monday morning saviour!! The concealer is highly pigmented so just a little goes a long way.

CHANEL’s Healthy Glow Multi-Colour is a one-and-done kind of product, it combines a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one, to give a healthy glowing flush in one big swoop of a powder brush.

Benefit’s They’re Real push-up liner is truly revolutionary! How many times has a 10-minute makeup look turned into 45-minutes due to a wonky liquid liner… This one-of-a-kind liner is the only fail-proof trick you need to achieve Bridget Bardot doe-eyes in just a minute.

Finish your look with your favourite LBD, and accessorise with edgy flats and a scarf or statement necklace for evenings.

Giambattista Valli

Max Factor Lipfinity in Endlessly Mesmerizing | Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer | CHANEL Healthy Glow Multi-Colour | Kerastase Cristalliste Dual Sculpting SerumDanne Montague King Herb & Mineral Mist | Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum | Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner | Alexander Wang Chastity Clutch | Givenchy Mermaid Roses Scarf | Dannijo Gabby Necklace | Maje Dress | Valentino Noir Rockstud Flats

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DMKf31d9fe833610bec4cc7fa3bb72026a1 copy

If you have read this blog for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know that we are all about flawless, glowing skin.
So, who is Danné Montague King and what is this secret we speak of!?

Danné Montague-King is a pioneer in the skincare industry who has devoted his life to the quest of maintain beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. DMK is a leader in cosmeceutical skin care and they believe with working with the skin according to its’ unique biochemistry as opposed to simply acting on it.

And the big secret? Enzyme Therapy – Danné Montague King’s signature treatment that is unlike anything else on the market.
It’s a facial, but not a fluffy, girls-day-the-spa facial. No rose petals or cucumbers found here!
DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments dissolve dead skin cells which oxygenates the skin and improves overall skin nutrition while stimulating collagen. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and concerns ranging from aging skin to sun damaged to acne-prone skin as DMK therapists customise a treatment according to your needs.

So, the process… I visited the Danné Montague King Clinic in Sydney’s Crows Nest to see what this Enzyme Therapy was all about, after just one treatment – I was completely blown away!
The DMK therapists are so incredibly knowledgeable about skin (if you are in Sydney and able to visit the Crows Nest Clinic, visit Lowri!)

The treatment begins with a pre-exfoliation therapy which involves a deep-pore cleanse, a dermatox and a desquamate exfoliation (think of this phase of the pre-exfoliation as a fruit-acid peel). Your skin will be feeling fresh, revitalized and a just little ‘tingly’.

DMK Enzyme Therapy Early Stages
The Enzyme Masque is then applied; it’ll be staying on for 45 minutes. The first 10 minutes, the mask feels like a thick cleanser on your face before developing into what feels similar to a mud mask just a few minutes later.
Around 20 minutes is where the mask seriously kicks in, the only way to describe this feeling is cement setting on your face; pulling it back toward your scalp. It’s intense, but take great satisfaction in that the therapy is working wonders!!
During this time, the masque is working your facial muscles quite intensely which leaves your skin feeling incredibly firm.
The Enzyme Masque removes dead skin cells, oxygenates the blood and activates nutrients and collagen in the skin while also improving lymphatic drainage which detoxifies the skin.

DMK Enzyme Mask 35 Minutes

The masque is removed after 45 minutes by your lovely therapist, the skin is cleansed again and followed with an transdermal infusion – a cocktail of active ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. My infusion consisted of the following;
– Melanoplex drops (Melanin Inhibitor)
– Pore reduction drops
– Betagel (to boost the skins immune and defence system)
– Direct delivery Vitamin-C (to replenish and boost antioxidants)
– Seba E (to replace the skins acid mantle post Enzyme Therapy and intense exfoliation)
– Creme Citrique (A hydrating, brightening moisturiser unique to DMK)
– Herb & Mineral Mist (A hydrating mist to drive active ingredients in the products deep into the skin)
– Finished with a Hydrophilic Creme to lock in all the products and finishes with an SPF 50.

Directly post treatment, my skin is feeling incredibly smooth and supple; it’s a little red and tender and there is a plasmatic effect on the skin – which essentially means that many little red veins have risen to the skins’ surface.

A couple of days post my treatment, my skin is feeling a little dry and it’s surface is a little uneven, I have had a few breakouts where I normally wouldn’t – but my skin is overall looking substantially more radiant.

photo 4 (4)

DMK products must be prescribed by one of their incredibly knowledgeable therapists. The range is so large that it can be a little overwhelming and the names of the products don’t necessarily disclose what they do!

Danne Montague KingIf you are anything like me, you’ll be guilty of thinking the most “luxe” skincare products must be best, however, most high-end skincare products sometimes have only 20% active ingredients in them which means they feel amazing on your skin, but that is exactly what they are doing, sitting on top. DMK products have up to 90% active ingredients, so they penetrate deep into your skin to improve your skin in many ways.

I have been prescribed an at-home regime to improve my skin [click each product to learn a little more about each!], which consists of;
EFA+ Vitamin E Supplement
Deep Pore Pure Cleanser
Beta Gel
Creme Citrique
Herb & Mineral Mist

Almost 2 weeks post treatment and religiously using my at-home regime – pigmentation on my skin has improved drastically, I have previously had very subtle acne scarring (guilty pimple squeezer right here) and they have now completely vanished! I have also noticed an improvement in the hydration of my skin as it’s feeling much more supple and much more radiant.

The verdict thus far? Well, I think I am a Danné Montague King devotee!
If you are facial-aficionado who has not seen results from your treatments, I am so sure that you will LOVE Enzyme Therapy.
If you a little like me, a product-addict who has been combining different lotions and potions without any real knowledge of what your skin actually needs, a visit to a Danné Montague King is absolutely essential.

Check back within the coming weeks as I will share a little share an update on my Danné Montague King at-home regime.

x B

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