Hello, holy grail.

If you barged into my bathroom right now, and told me I could only keep one product on my vanity.
I would have no hesitation in grabbing my La Mer Treatment Lotion and running.

Skin dehydration, fine lines,   oversized pores, uneven tone and just overall dullness – can be combatted with this one miracle product.

The Treatment Lotion has a consistency between a serum and toner and is designed to be applied post cleansing, pre-moisturiser.

La Mer describes the Treatment Lotion as ‘liquid energy’ – a lotion to help jumpstart the skin’s natural renewal process.
The Treatment Lotion is formulated with ‘Scenedesmus’ – originally from the desert, which was once the ocean floor. The Lotion also has 73 sea minerals – to replicate properties naturally found in seawater.

I have used this product religiously for around three months, applying just a tiny sprinkling in the morning prior to applying my moisturiser, and a bit more of a generous application in the evening, before bed, prior to applying a serum and moisturiser.

I have found that the trick is to let the lotion completely ‘sink in’ before applying any products on top, around one minute is perfect.
I have found that my skin care system is much more effective and my products ‘work’ much harder when applied after the Treatment Lotion, this is particularly apparent upon waking up in the morning  – my skin is far more ‘glowy’, supple and hydrated as opposed to when I don’t apply this product.

Now that this miracle worker of a product is on your shopping list, here is how to use it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.42.31 PM

Sprinkle 2-3 drops into palms and press gently into the skin with fingertips

2. Massage outward into the foreheard

3. Circle around the eyes

4. Sweep upward from the nose to above the cheekbones

5. Sweep upward around the mouth to the nose

6. Smooth onto the neck

And then, I recommend letting the product sink in for 1 minute prior to applying a moisturiser or serum.

The Treatment Lotion is RRP $130 and is available from David Jones.
Note that while $130 may sound a little expensive for a ‘supplementary’ product – I have used this product for just over 3 months and have used only a quarter of the bottle.

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