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Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure and natural essential oils containing no additives (or in other words, artifical nasties).

The Aromatherapy Company features beautiful products that are not only beautiful and smell delicious – but they work. The Aromatherapy Company are one of the only brands that offer an entire range that is created from 100% essential oil based products.
Think body lotion that doesn’t artificially perfume your skin, but actually deeply nourishes and even offers therapeutic benefits or an amazing little candle for your home that isn’t filled with artificially concocted scents, but is filled with natural, essential oils designed to help you relax…

We were lucky enough to have a few minutes with the wonderful founder of The Aromatherapy Company, Sarah Townsend (pictured above).
Sarah has been developing ranges of natural and essential therapy products for the past twenty years and boy, does she know her stuff!


From an early age, I have always loved nature and the benefits it can offer. I believe that we can look into the natural world around us for inspiration as the positive affect it has on our health and wellbeing is truly amazing! I feel motivated by the unpredictability of nature and the way it is always changing and developing which allows me to explore new avenues when creating products.

I was lucky enough to be trained in England 25 years ago with the founder of Meadow Herbs, the traditional essential oil specialists. I found a gap in the market for natural body products and therapies, which shared the healing benefits of essential oils and fragrances at an affordable price so I brought my passion and wisdom of natural remedies and fragrance back to New Zealand and have been exploring the field ever since.

The Aromatherapy Company body products are 100% pure & natural. We use no sodium laurel sulphates, no artificial fragrances, no dyes, no parabens and no mineral oils.

The issue with artificial fragrance, which are in most natural products, is that is doesn’t have all the positive benefits essential oils can provide and means it is not truly natural. Artificial fragrance can be very drying on the skin and is not nourishing and protecting to sensitive skin. We must use the most natural products we can find on our skin to promote overall wellbeing and stay healthy from the inside out.

Essential oils have a very positive effect on blood circulation. This is by bringing essential nutrients to the skin and stimulating the lymphatic system to dispose of waste products more readily.

Essential oils can also help cure common ailments, with particular blends not only helping physical problems, but by altering moods and mental worries as well. These ailments vary greatly and range from helping the common head lice issue, to allergies, to depression.

I use all of The Aromatherapy Company products throughout my home and lifestyle; however my all time favourite range would have to be the Therapy range. This range uses 100% pure and natural essential oils offering a beautifully fragrances selection ranging from candles, oils and pulse points to hand creams, scrubs and bath salts. Each different scent aims to provide a particular element of therapeutic healing and benefits for your mind body and soul. Not to mention the clean and simple packaging adds a classy and modern aesthetic to any living space, whilst of course upholding our main business aim of being affordable and thus accessible to everyone as a daily soap/ body product alternative.

The Therapy range Lavender Manuka and Wild Chamomile candle are two of my must have products as they help to induce a restful sleep and relaxation when we need it.

The Wild Mint and Bergamot diffuser is another product i believe is an essential for the home as the fragrance released is refreshing and uplifting, creating a welcoming and positive aura to your environment. There is something about a diffuser, which is so classy and luxurious, yet creates that relaxing ambience which we all crave after a busy day.

My all time favourite product is one of our first Naturals Hand Cream in Lavender and Chamomile, which contains NZ manuka honey and vitamin e for an especially nourishing treatment, whilst also containing tea tree making it incredibly healing on any cuts, eczema and daily wear and tear.

Essential Oils are so versatile and have incredible healing properties. Essential oils can also help cure common ailments, with particular blends not only helping physical problems, but by altering moods and mental worries as well. These ailments vary greatly and range from helping the common head lice issue, to allergies, to depression.

It is easy to use Aromatherapy in your everyday life. It can be as simple as burning an essential oil, lighting an aromatic candle or using a body oil or soap in your bath.

Body products, which are essential oil based, are incredibly nourishing and healing for your skin as the natural ingredients mimic the skins natural layer and oils allowing rapid absorption. You must be careful using body products containing artificial fragrance, as they can dry out your skin and can be damaging.

Adding a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bottom of your shower to help to relieve congestion.


 From The Aromatherapy Co ‘THERAPY’ Range..
From Left to Right
1. Body & Bath Oil in Cocoa Vanilla & Cassis
Smells like a rich, sweet tropical escape and is oh so nourishing for dry skin. Spritz some over your body after a hot shower for baby soft skin.

2. Therapeutic Natural Wax Candle in Sweet Orange & Jasmine
Delicious fresh and super crisp, this candle will liven up any space within your home. The essential oils also engerise and refresh the body and boost confidence – nothing like a warm welcome home!

3. Jet Lag Pulse Point
Rosemary, Geranium and Sweet Almond Oil… move over sugar and caffeine – this essential pulse point oil promises a quick recovery. Essential for any frequent flyer – or to help you make the most out of our overseas Summer getaway that you’re currently planning… A carry on essential.

4. Essential Oil Blend in Lavender, Manuka and Wild Chamomile
Tranquility inducing, stress and anxiety relieving and relaxing.
A miracle in a bottle.
Aside from the healing properties, I just love the smell of this delicious oil!
Sprinkly a few drop on your pillow before bed or drop a few drops in a warm bath if you’ve had a hard day at work or are feeling a little stressed.

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