Summer. It’s all about sunshine, salty water  and relaxed glamour, and even though it’s aptly coined the silly season – keeping your tresses looking worthy of that amazing new dress you spent your last pay cheque on should be anything but [silly] – be it in time spent, money spent and or the amount of products you have to use.

When you think Summer hair – you think sea salt spray and highlights – well I am all for sunkissed locks – but as for the sea salt spray, it’s never worked for me.

To keep things short and sweet – because you’ve probably got your hair to tousle and drinks in 35 minutes – here’s why you should never be without these 5 hair products featured above.


ONE copyJOICO Heat Set – Blowout Perfecting Creme
Let’s be honest, who really enjoys blow drying their hair? So when there’s one product that does about nine things you ordinarily would pay your hairdresser for, it sure sounds like a winner to us. This product is a genius – it’s heat protectant, detangler, frizz-smoother that almosts cuts your blowdry time in half. Unlike many other ‘blowout creams’ definitely speed up styling time but leave your hair so dry and lifeless in the process – this perfecting creme does anything but – it’s a secret weapon that can be layered with other products until your hearts content. An extra 15 minutes up your sleeve to perfect those un-done curls, yes please.

 – Lift Vertige [from the Couturing Styling range]
A little volume goes a long way, sexy Summer hair should never be lifeless and pasted to your scalp, no matter how fine your hair.
Kerastase’s Lift Vertige is a gel formula that should be applied to the roots before styling, a quick blast upside down with your hairdryer and the product is instantaneously absorbed, leaving absolutely no sticky or heavy residue – but leaving hair full and bouncy. Think of the effect that this product has like applying a volumising/texturising spray to your hair – but without all the residue that leaves hair needing to be washed in a matter of hours.

Schwarzkopf Professional
Moisture Kick Beauty Balm [from the Bonacure Range]
We all love a multi-tasker, especially when time is of the essence! This Beauty Balm is a moisturizing cream that tames frizz and protects hair from heat and humidity. Just like a do-it-all serum for your skin, this balm smooths strands and leaves them looking lush and frizz-free, no matter what style you opt for.

Living Proof –
Prime – Style Extender
Just like you prep your face to make your makeup last longer, yes, they make a primer for your hair too! So why should you use it? It keeps your hair cleaner for longer by repelling dirt and excess oil, it also preps the hair for styling and is proven to make your style last at least twice as long. You only need a small 20c piece dollop of product – apply to damp hair before anything else.

Flip Turn – Volumising Finishing Spray
Once your style is good-to-go, you’re going to need to set it so it lasts as long as possible. You want to steer clear of traditional, heavy, sticky hairsprays that leave your fringe without.any.movement or leave your curls looking like Debutante-curls from the late 90’s. Not cute! I don’t even care how long you spent styling your tresses.
I love this product for many reasons, the ridiculously super-fine mist of this finishing spray is near the top of the list. It’s also weightless and will never leave hair without movement. You can layer it and restyle and it never goes crunchy, it’s also volumising so whether your hair is styled straight, tousled or curled – it will always look full of life.
It also claims to hold any style for 72 hours, protects hair from frizz and delivers shine – I don’t even know how I lived without this super-styler!

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