I have a confession; I am a little obsessed with all-things-skin. Flawless, radiant skin is the epitome of beauty in my books – no matter what makeup you wear, what outfit you wear – if your skin is glowing [OK, this one is a perhaps a little debatable]; you can pull off anything.

No one knows skin better than DMK. If you have ready my previous posts about DMK Enzyme Therapy, you’ll know that their treatments deliver real results.
I have had 5 Enzyme Therapy treatments and the results speak for themselves, my skin is smoother, clearer, heals faster and generally just has more of a natural glow to it. That’s thanks to the Enzyme Therapy treatments removing dead skin and toxins, oxygenating the skin, the increased production of collagen and the multiple intense boosts of antioxidants.
There is no denying that this particular ‘facial journey’ requires commitment, both in time and money –  you’ll need a minimum of 4 treatments to see real improvements, but give yourself this time, and the improvement you’ll see in your skin will be worth 100 relaxing-spa facials [that can also be quite expensive and boost hydration in your skin for only a matter of days, resulting very little long-term skin improvement].

As December approaches and the social calendar fills up fast, many of us might be looking into indulging in a facial or are searching for any possible way to look our very best come Christmas time or to be ready to ring in yet another new year.
Perhaps you’ve tried DMK Enzyme Therapy and are ready for ‘the next step’ or perhaps you’re looking for something to deliver “harder hitting” results. The latest wonderful skin treat I can’t recommend enough is DMK’s Muscle Banding Enzyme Treatment; a treatment that offers all the same elements as the Enzyme Therapy that also lifts and firms the skin.

2014112099126167This treatment works by deeply contracting the facial muscles while repairing and strengthening tissue – check our the mask in action to your left!
Yes, the mask that is left on your face for 45 minutes still feels like cold-hard concrete is setting on your face… sorry! Yes it’s green and YES you will look like this during your treatment – but in more positive news, it doesn’t hurt a single bit and the results will be worth it!
This treatment is perfect for every age, in your 20’s and early 30’s – it works as a preventative to delay the onset of premature aging, while plumping and repairing any fine lines you might have from spending too much time in the sun or simply not showing you skin as much love as you should.
You will see results in 1-2 treatments that will leave your skin looking plumper, smoother and any fine lines appear as though you’re wearing a light layer of foundation. While in your 40’s, 50’s or 70’s – 5 to 12 treatments may be required to see optimal results, but from treatment one, you’ll see wonderful improvements in your skin.

Whether to want to look a few years younger as another year draws to a close or just want gorgeously glowing skin, with just over 6 weeks left for 2014, it’s the perfect time to start a little skin-journey!

Social calendar too full to squeeze in a series of in-clinic treatments? No problems! These at-home masks are the crème of the crop.


DMK’s Hydrating Masque is a jelly-like texture that feels a lot like applying aloe-vera gel to sunburnt skin. It removes dead skin cells and repairs damaged skin – leave it on for 20-30 minutes to reveal skin that looks like you’ve drunk 3L of water and had 9 hours sleep. I love applying a little bit of this mask as a lip balm before bed, it absorbs immediately and you’ll woke with super smooth lips to rival Ange’s,

Jurlique’s Rose Moisture Plus Cream Mask is a deeply hydrating mask with a creamy clay-like texture, it is perfect for when your skin is very dry and dehydrated and needs a little TLC, stat! A plethora of natural ingredients ranging from rose to honey nourishes and protects skin. You’ll need to leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial is perfect if your skin is already hydrated but a little “rough around the edges”. This super hard working mask dramatically boots skin radiance and vitality in just 5 minutes. A cream mask with an extremely fine sand-like texture removes dead skin cells and reveals a smoother, brighter complexion; perfect to use before applying your makeup for a night out or for when you’re complexion is a little dull.

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