[Introducing the AERIN Fragrance Collection – Launching March 29]

The Aerin Fragrance Collection

Do you have a signature scent? Perhaps a wardrobe of fragrances that have become your go-to for specific moods or occasions? If not, well it’s about time you did!

Scent has the ability to say so much about you; it can reflect or change your mood, epitomize your personality or simply complement your outfit, and Aerin Lauder has created a collection of fragrances that allow you to do just that, through seven stunning new scents.

Aerin Lauder is the epitome of understated glamour and sophistication; she’s that woman that you want to ask a thousand questions; from her beauty secrets to her go-to cocktail for entertaining guests; and if she had a signature scent, well, I personally, might even be persuaded to see if it could work for myself!

The AERIN Fragrance Collection, which launches late March  [the 29th to be exact – so hold off on investing in your latest scent!] – is a careful curation of the finest ingredients that comprise seven distinct scents; Aerin worked with iconic fragrance house Firmenich to create the AERIN Fragrance Collection – a Swiss company that is family-owned has been producing fine fragrances for over a century; with different perfumers and master perfumers contributing to each scent within the collection.

The collection features scents including, Iris Meadow, Waterlily Sun, Gardena Rattan, Amber Musk, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine and Evening Rose. In a day and age where scent is so highly standardized; each scent is as special as the woman wearing it or the occasion she’s celebrating.

Each bottle is a chic, rectangular, crystal-like stature, adorned with a precious gem-like stone on its lid – so they’ll look just as gorgeous on your vanity as they smell!


Iris Meadow is a fresh, crisp floral scent with notes such as mandarin, blackcurrant, jasmine and cedarwood; it’s a scent that I’d wear to brunch with my best girlfriends; the perfect finishing touch to a floral dress.

Waterlily Sun is another gorgeous floral scent; one that was inspired by Aerin’s visit to Claude Monet’s garden in France. It’s a soothing scent that could be worn everyday from workday to weekend; it’s in no way overpowering but fresh and feminine; it features fresh notes of Sicilian bergamot, dewy greens and sweet musk.

Gardenia Rattan is defined by Aerin as “the perfect Summer day – warm sun, beautiful sea and fresh flowers” – it features wet marine notes, gardenia, tuberose and tiare Tahiti finished with amber. Gardenia Rattan is the type of scent you’d want to define your Summer; one that you’d want to take on on a European holiday with you, to wear from breakfast right through to lush evening soirees.

Amber Musk is creamier, richer scent that’s velvety yet not too heavy; it features notes of rose, coconut water, warm musk and of course, amber. It’s the type of scent you’d want to wear in the evenings or to a romantic dinner or to warm you up when it’s dreary and miserable outside.

Lilac Path is a delicate floral scent that still smells a little creamy and velvety while being undeniably floral; it features jasmine, angelica seed oil and orange flower; it’s another scent that could be worn all year-round as your go-to scent.

Ikat Jasmine is described by Aerin as “a modern woman – effortless style and intriguing femininity” – it’s a scent that I could envisage Aerin wearing herself; it’s a scent that could sit on your desk or vanity across all seasons. Jasmine is so universal, it could suit almost anyone; yet it’s such a distinctive, feminine scent. Ikat Jasmine features honeysuckle, tuberose, sandalwood and of course – jasmine!

Evening Rose – an undeniably feminine scent; highlighted by notes of juicy blackberries and rich cognac. I always remember people that wear scents that feature rose for some reason! It’s a little bit romantic, exudes luxury but always smells familiar. The love of Rose is a Lauder family tradition; and this scent is incredibly special, it could even be layered with lighter, fresher, floral scents.

Which scent will be your favourite!? Or will you create a wardrobe of your very own?

Each eau de parfum within the AERIN Fragrance collection is 50ml and retails for $165, the collection is available as of March 29th and will be available at David Jones and MYER stores.

Phone 1800 061 326 to find your nearest stockist.



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