– Introducing Kerastase Cristalliste –

 When I think of a haircare line titled ‘Cristalliste, I picture ridiculously glossy brunette locks or bouncy sun-kissed waves that still have impossible shine… Sound like something you’d be into? Me too!

Kerastase Cristalliste is the best-kept secret for lust-worthy long hair. It is a range dedicated specifically for young, busy women with luscious long locks – the first collection of its’ kind. Its’ formulated to care for long hair that’s put through busy social lives’ – which includes the plethora of heat appliances, hairspray and countless hair touch-ups before cocktails that lead to those luscious locks becoming dull, damaged and lifeless.

Cristalliste is hands down my absolute favourite hair-trio at the moment. I have ridiculously long, thick hair – it’s balayaged and not a day goes by where it doesn’t fall victim to a serious dose of the ghd or long blast with an uber-hot hair dryer (that’s not even mentioning the hours it’s in direct sunlight at the beach or  amount of times it’s pulled and stretched into [really uncomfortable!] hair styles).
I have used Cristalliste for 3 weeks now and my hair is shinier, stronger and has more volume.

I’ve been using Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Epais (for thick hair, but don’t worry if you have thin hair, because Bain Cristal Fins has been formulated especially for you!) coupled with conditioner, Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Laite and finished with Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide.

Let’s talk shampoo and conditioner; Cristalliste Bain Cristal Epais is one of the best shampoos for my hair that I have ever tried. (And I have tried a lot!)  I always want to opt for a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to liven up my hair however always feel that my long hair is weighed down and my roots become greasy (gross!) in only a day or two. Bain Cristal Epais gets super sudsy and removes any product in just one wash; it nourishes the hair without weighing it down. I’ve also noticed that this miracle cleanser keeps my roots ‘clean’ for at least an additional 1-2 days than other shampoos.

Cristal Laite is the Cristalliste conditioner, it’s ridiculously nourishing; when you rinse your hair after only 2-5 minutes, it feels as though you’ve left a treatment in for 15. This conditioner leaves my hair super shiny, but what I love most, is that it detangles all my knots and tangles in less than a minute!

To finish off, Cristalliste introduces a new serum, Lumiere Liquide. I recommend using 1-2 pumps in towel dried hair then another 1 pump after you’ve completely finished styling. I may be a little biased towards Kerastase serums, as Kerastase Elixr Ultime has been my favourite hair serum for years, however I think I am now a Lumiere Liquide covert! This serum is amazing; it nurtures split ends, smooths frizziness and gives hair a shimmering fly-away-free finish; that is virtually weightless (that’s no weighing down your fabulous bouncy blowdry)!

I’m just so in love with this collection. And as if it couldn’t get better, the entire collection is the perfect shade of pink! I can’t wait for you to try Cristalliste for yourself!

Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Fins (Shampoo for Fine Hair) RRP $38
Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Epais (Shampoo for Thick Hair) RRP $38
Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Lait (Conditioner) RRP $44.50
Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide RRP $44


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