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If you have read this blog for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know that we are all about flawless, glowing skin.
So, who is buy Proscalpin with no prescription Danné Montague King and what is this secret we speak of!?

Danné Montague-King is a pioneer in the skincare industry who has devoted his life to the quest of maintain beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. DMK is a leader in cosmeceutical skin care and they believe with working with the skin according to its’ unique biochemistry as opposed to simply acting on it.

And the big secret? http://palmitservices.com/?option=com_user/images/bilup.gif Enzyme Therapy – Danné Montague King’s signature treatment that is unlike anything else on the market.
It’s a facial, but not a fluffy, girls-day-the-spa facial. No rose petals or cucumbers found here!
DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments dissolve dead skin cells which oxygenates the skin and improves overall skin nutrition while stimulating collagen. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and concerns ranging from aging skin to sun damaged to acne-prone skin as DMK therapists customise a treatment according to your needs.

So, the process… I visited the Danné Montague King Clinic in Sydney’s Crows Nest to see what this Enzyme Therapy was all about, after just one treatment – I was completely blown away!
The DMK therapists are so incredibly knowledgeable about skin (if you are in Sydney and able to visit the Crows Nest Clinic, visit Lowri!)

The treatment begins with a pre-exfoliation therapy which involves a deep-pore cleanse, a dermatox and a desquamate exfoliation (think of this phase of the pre-exfoliation as a fruit-acid peel). Your skin will be feeling fresh, revitalized and a just little ‘tingly’.

DMK Enzyme Therapy Early Stages
The Enzyme Masque is then applied; it’ll be staying on for 45 minutes. The first 10 minutes, the mask feels like a thick cleanser on your face before developing into what feels similar to a mud mask just a few minutes later.
Around 20 minutes is where the mask seriously kicks in, the only way to describe this feeling is cement setting on your face; pulling it back toward your scalp. It’s intense, but take great satisfaction in that the therapy is working wonders!!
During this time, the masque is working your facial muscles quite intensely which leaves your skin feeling incredibly firm.
The Enzyme Masque removes dead skin cells, oxygenates the blood and activates nutrients and collagen in the skin while also improving lymphatic drainage which detoxifies the skin.

DMK Enzyme Mask 35 Minutes

The masque is removed after 45 minutes by your lovely therapist, the skin is cleansed again and followed with an transdermal infusion – a cocktail of active ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. My infusion consisted of the following;
– Melanoplex drops (Melanin Inhibitor)
– Pore reduction drops
– Betagel (to boost the skins immune and defence system)
– Direct delivery Vitamin-C (to replenish and boost antioxidants)
– Seba E (to replace the skins acid mantle post Enzyme Therapy and intense exfoliation)
– Creme Citrique (A hydrating, brightening moisturiser unique to DMK)
– Herb & Mineral Mist (A hydrating mist to drive active ingredients in the products deep into the skin)
– Finished with a Hydrophilic Creme to lock in all the products and finishes with an SPF 50.

Directly post treatment, my skin is feeling incredibly smooth and supple; it’s a little red and tender and there is a plasmatic effect on the skin – which essentially means that many little red veins have risen to the skins’ surface.

A couple of days post my treatment, my skin is feeling a little dry and it’s surface is a little uneven, I have had a few breakouts where I normally wouldn’t – but my skin is overall looking substantially more radiant.

photo 4 (4)

DMK products must be prescribed by one of their incredibly knowledgeable therapists. The range is so large that it can be a little overwhelming and the names of the products don’t necessarily disclose what they do!

Danne Montague KingIf you are anything like me, you’ll be guilty of thinking the most “luxe” skincare products must be best, however, most high-end skincare products sometimes have only 20% active ingredients in them which means they feel amazing on your skin, but that is exactly what they are doing, sitting on top. DMK products have up to 90% active ingredients, so they penetrate deep into your skin to improve your skin in many ways.

I have been prescribed an at-home regime to improve my skin [click each product to learn a little more about each!], which consists of;
EFA+ Vitamin E Supplement
Deep Pore Pure Cleanser
Beta Gel
Creme Citrique
Herb & Mineral Mist

Almost 2 weeks post treatment and religiously using my at-home regime – pigmentation on my skin has improved drastically, I have previously had very subtle acne scarring (guilty pimple squeezer right here) and they have now completely vanished! I have also noticed an improvement in the hydration of my skin as it’s feeling much more supple and much more radiant.

The verdict thus far? Well, I think I am a Danné Montague King devotee!
If you are facial-aficionado who has not seen results from your treatments, I am so sure that you will LOVE Enzyme Therapy.
If you a little like me, a product-addict who has been combining different lotions and potions without any real knowledge of what your skin actually needs, a visit to a Danné Montague King is absolutely essential.

Check back within the coming weeks as I will share a little share an update on my Danné Montague King at-home regime.

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