Don’t Be A Victim…

Bold, edgy and somewhat alarming – GOLDWELL’s latest advertising campaign isn’t your typical 9ONE5 hair feature…
But we are in 110% support of the message!

Having your hair coloured in salon does not even compare to at home colouring.
Sure, you might save yourself a few dollars… But rest assured your colour won’t last as long, won’t be as glossy and the experience won’t be nearly as fabulous!

‘Don’t Be a Victim’ educates us on the potential horrors of at-home-hair-dying.
Planning on going blonde this weekend? We’re sure you don’t want to end up a lovely brassy hue of ‘Barbie Bronze’.

The moral of the story here?
Leave it to the experts!

Our friends at Goldwell also have an amazing range of products specifically designed to keep your colour-treated hair healthy, glossy and glowing – like the colourglowIQ range – with specific ranges for colour treated, highlighted and full blonde locks.
Visit Goldwell for all the details.
While you’re there – be sure to stop by Goldwell’s Salon Finder to find your nearest salon.

As for me, I’m off to have my hair coloured (in salon!!!) this weekend…

Lots of love and luscious locks!
B x

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