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There are staples in your beauty cupboard that come and go – like your favourite lip shade of the moment or a new go-to nail hue – then there are true essentials; products and tools that become second nature; that you simply can’t live without. A ghd styler is right at the top of the list for me, and for most girls I know, for that matter! Whether poker-straight or tousled and whimsical locks are your thing – if you didn’t use a ghd to create the style; well, a ghd styler can make your style oh-so-much better.

If like me, you’ve been a ghd devotee for some time now – it may be time to upgrade. Just when you thought your must-have tool couldn’t get any better – introducing the ghd eclipse styler – a revolutionary new styler from the brand that promises single stroke styling and breakthrough technology that protects the hair from heat damage due to uneven temperatures when styling.

Having used the ghd eclipse over the past month – it most certainly lives up to it’s claims. But, why do you need it? How is it different to your current go-to styling tool Well, for starters when ghd say single-stroke styling, they really mean it. Smooth and seal hair in just one stroke; reducing styling time dramatically. Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.17.03 AM

Take a look at the imagery to the right – from freshly washed, air-dryed hair – to a single pass of the ghd eclipse; the result is silky, smooth, and perfectly straight.

Secondly, the patented tri-zone technology uses six sensors to ensure constant temperature is maintained throughout the entirety of each stroke; while thermal control ensures that 185 degrees is sustained throughout styling. This means no heat-fried ends and no more gliding over the ends of your locks a thousand times to get them smooth.

Other than this, the functionality of the new eclipse styler is unprecedented due to all the amazing new innovations; precision plates result in the styler simply gliding over the hair; making it SO much easier to achieve waves or curls without snagging the hair; making straight styles so much quicker to achieve. Aerogel insulation means that the body of the styler is a lot cooler than previous ghd models – which is again; great for curling the hair as you can safely grip onto the edge of your ghd eclipse to guide the styler through the hair.

If you don’t want to take our word for it – we have been lucky enough to chat to ghd’s education manager for Australia & New Zealand, Robert Kovacs on why you need a ghd eclipse and how you can use it. Robert has been an educator for more than 20 years; he has been a professional colourist for over two decades; he has taught the best-of-the best stylists in salons you know and love across the country; one thing is for sure, the man knows hair!


9ONE5: Why you need to update your straightener to a ghd eclipse and how it can achieve all your desired hair-styles?
RK: Styling your hair is made easy with the ghd eclipse. The styler uses breakthrough patented tri-zone technology to maintain a constant heat of 185ºC. Proven as the ultimate styling temperature, the ghd eclipse ensures single stroke styling that is faster and easier for long lasting results.

9ONE5: What are your top tips for styling with the eclipse?
RK: Always use a heat protect spray to ensure your hair is protected from heat. Try using a styling foam such as a ghd total volume foam to create soft but lasting volume and fullness in all hair types. Apply 2-4 pumps (depending on length/ thickness) to damp hair before blow-drying hair dry and using your ghd eclipse to style.

9ONE5: As ghd is the hair partner for Victoria’s Secret; can you tell us how we can achieve those luscious, bouncy locks!?
RK: To achieve big and bouncy Victoria’s Secret curls, when styling place the ghd eclipse on a horizontal angle and turn in the barrel for a full rotation to create the perfect curl. Repeat this movement throughout the whole head until complete. Once finished styling, turn your head upside down and using fingers only to volumize the hair.

9ONE5: And how about super-straight, smooth styles?
RK: My #1 tip is to use a tail comb to help divide the hair into smaller sections. Hold the hair close to the head and glide the ghd eclipse starting from the roots to the ends.

9ONE5: How about if we’re going for a straight look, but still want volume and movement from roots to ends; can the ghd eclipse help?
RK: A round brush such as the ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush will help to ensure for a straight style however one that also has volume from the roots to tips. Using the brush, take a section of the hair and brush from roots to end whilst gliding the eclipse through.

Robert’s essential ghd products as mentioned in his top tricks above, include:
ghd eclipse RRP $300
ghd Heat Protect Spray RRP $24
ghd Total Volume Foam RRP $22
ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush (Sizes 1-4 RRP $32-34)

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.17.59 AM

From the Victoria’s Secret runway to the world’s leading salons to tending to the locks of the globe’s leading models and celebrities – and now to your bathroom vanity – the ghd eclipse is the ultimate tool to achieving what ever hair style you desire; in record time; with as little damage as possible.


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