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There are small handful of things every, single girl – just simply shouldn’t live without – a killer hair straightener is pretty high on that list!

Perhaps you’re in the market for a new straightener or you simply just want to try something new? Halo Hair Tools are one of the latest, greatest must-have collections of magic wands to transform your hair any which way you desire – from sleek and polished to full of volume and lush curls. With hair stylers named after iconic starlets ranging from The Kate to The Alexa or The Marilyn – there’s a tool for every style and every facet of your personality.

Every Halo hair styler is created with Japanese Kyocera technology, which basically means that you hair won’t be damaged by the heat passing over it.

The Kate has been my hair straightener of choice lately, and here are just a few things I love about it:

  • It leaves my hair ridiculously smooth and shiny with just one pass
  • It has a temperature dial so you can select the appropriate temperature pending on which area of your hair you are styling, for example, I have highlights around my face – so I’ll dial down the temperature to protect these parts of my hair that are slightly more damaged than others – to keep my locks super smooth
  • It has universal voltage, so unlike a lot of other hair stylers – you can take it anywhere in the world and it’s performance won’t be comprised
  • It’s unique swivel cord makes it super easy to create any style you want – no getting caught or tangled when trying to give your locks a bit of movement at the ends

The über talented Carl Reeves is the local ambassador for Halo hair tools – a hair stylist for over 20 years and having styled the locks of Jessica Alba to the Pussycat Dolls to having worked on International fashion shows ranging from Chanel to Givenchy to Burberry to directing shows for the likes of Dion Lee and Alex Perry – when Carl talks hair – you listen!

We are so thrilled to have the rare opportunity to share these exclusive insider tips and tricks from Carl…

What are your top tips for using heat stylers (in particular, the Halo ‘Kate’) to create a perfectly smooth, sleek, straight hair look?
​The Kate is such an easy straightener to use. Once i have prepped the hair with a heat protector it’s a matter of taking manageable sized sections and running The Kate from roots to ends slowly to get an amazing smooth shinny result. I also use a large toothed comb to help me guild The Kate down the length of the hair.​

Do you have any tips for ensuring that your sleek, straight look has staying power?
That’s the best thing about The Kate. Because of the technology, you only have to pass The Kate once slowly down the hair shaft. Once you have straightened the whole head I would run a light serum though the ends for shine. If you have frizzy hair naturally, blow dry your roots just a little to help keep it smooth and straight all day.​

Many people think of a straight hair look as dull and a little boring. Are there any tricks of the trade to ensure your straight hair looks healthy and volumized (as opposed to flat and lifeless)
When I straighten hair I lift the roots with the iron rather then pull flat. This helps give me more volume. Because The Kate is 1 Pass technology you don’t over dry or flatten your hair either. Sometimes its nicer to not pull the hair too hard and straight down as well. Try starting the section you are straightening by pulling it forward from your face, then move in a circular motion so the iron is now moving back away from you. This way your hair is smooth but with a slight movement.​

A straightener is a hair-kit staple for any girl. Is there anything that sets Halo hair tools apart from other straighteners in the market? 
The technology sets it a part for sure. The Kate locks in the nutrients and to a point repairs the dry ends.. Also because it is 1 pass and not 4 or 5 passes over the same area, your hair will always be in amazing condition.​
[I couldn’t agree MORE with this, I have naturally quite thick and super long hair – and almost every hair straightener I have used requires me to go over the hair at least 3-4 times before it’s smooth and sleek, with The Kate – one slow pass and I’m done – saving me at least 15-20 minutes styling time!]



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