I have a confession; I am a little obsessed with all-things-skin. Flawless, radiant skin is the epitome of beauty in my books – no matter what makeup you wear, what outfit you wear – if your skin is glowing [OK, this one is a perhaps a little debatable]; you can pull off anything.

No one knows skin better than DMK. If you have ready my previous posts about DMK Enzyme Therapy, you’ll know that their treatments deliver real results.
I have had 5 Enzyme Therapy treatments and the results speak for themselves, my skin is smoother, clearer, heals faster and generally just has more of a natural glow to it. That’s thanks to the Enzyme Therapy treatments removing dead skin and toxins, oxygenating the skin, the increased production of collagen and the multiple intense boosts of antioxidants.
There is no denying that this particular ‘facial journey’ requires commitment, both in time and money –  you’ll need a minimum of 4 treatments to see real improvements, but give yourself this time, and the improvement you’ll see in your skin will be worth 100 relaxing-spa facials [that can also be quite expensive and boost hydration in your skin for only a matter of days, resulting very little long-term skin improvement].

As December approaches and the social calendar fills up fast, many of us might be looking into indulging in a facial or are searching for any possible way to look our very best come Christmas time or to be ready to ring in yet another new year.
Perhaps you’ve tried DMK Enzyme Therapy and are ready for ‘the next step’ or perhaps you’re looking for something to deliver “harder hitting” results. The latest wonderful skin treat I can’t recommend enough is DMK’s Muscle Banding Enzyme Treatment; a treatment that offers all the same elements as the Enzyme Therapy that also lifts and firms the skin.

2014112099126167This treatment works by deeply contracting the facial muscles while repairing and strengthening tissue – check our the mask in action to your left!
Yes, the mask that is left on your face for 45 minutes still feels like cold-hard concrete is setting on your face… sorry! Yes it’s green and YES you will look like this during your treatment – but in more positive news, it doesn’t hurt a single bit and the results will be worth it!
This treatment is perfect for every age, in your 20’s and early 30’s – it works as a preventative to delay the onset of premature aging, while plumping and repairing any fine lines you might have from spending too much time in the sun or simply not showing you skin as much love as you should.
You will see results in 1-2 treatments that will leave your skin looking plumper, smoother and any fine lines appear as though you’re wearing a light layer of foundation. While in your 40’s, 50’s or 70’s – 5 to 12 treatments may be required to see optimal results, but from treatment one, you’ll see wonderful improvements in your skin.

Whether to want to look a few years younger as another year draws to a close or just want gorgeously glowing skin, with just over 6 weeks left for 2014, it’s the perfect time to start a little skin-journey!

Social calendar too full to squeeze in a series of in-clinic treatments? No problems! These at-home masks are the crème of the crop.


DMK’s Hydrating Masque is a jelly-like texture that feels a lot like applying aloe-vera gel to sunburnt skin. It removes dead skin cells and repairs damaged skin – leave it on for 20-30 minutes to reveal skin that looks like you’ve drunk 3L of water and had 9 hours sleep. I love applying a little bit of this mask as a lip balm before bed, it absorbs immediately and you’ll woke with super smooth lips to rival Ange’s,

Jurlique’s Rose Moisture Plus Cream Mask is a deeply hydrating mask with a creamy clay-like texture, it is perfect for when your skin is very dry and dehydrated and needs a little TLC, stat! A plethora of natural ingredients ranging from rose to honey nourishes and protects skin. You’ll need to leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial is perfect if your skin is already hydrated but a little “rough around the edges”. This super hard working mask dramatically boots skin radiance and vitality in just 5 minutes. A cream mask with an extremely fine sand-like texture removes dead skin cells and reveals a smoother, brighter complexion; perfect to use before applying your makeup for a night out or for when you’re complexion is a little dull.

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[pre-SUMMER Essentials]

SUMMERESSENTIALS 201410201779681459

The humidity is rising and Summer just around the corner [less than a month to go!] – the perfect time to start gathering your Summer essentials; you know, the perfect bikini, your signature Summer scent to accompany your signature Summer beverage, perfectly complemented by the best skin you’ve ever had and the smoothest legs of your life.

Here are some of our essentials.

Don’t even think about inviting around your friends for a casual Sunday afternoon soiree unless your house smells amazing! ECOYA has you covered with their latest limited edition fragrances, their Guava & Lychee Sorbet Madison Jar matches any interior and smells like a bowl of fresh berries and melted popsicles. Delicious! (and perfect to complement that jug of sangria you’ve just whipped up).

As far as a signature scent goes, how could you go past a perfume aptly named Modern Muse Chic!? Leave the fruity, citrus scents for the beach and opt for a vibrant floral scent with rich woody undertones for after dark. Modern Muse Chic features scents of tuberose, lillies, juicy plum, cashmere wood, patchouli and vanilla; it’s unique and bold – just like you. It’s also brand new for Summer, hitting counters November 2nd.

And for your luscious locks, everyone’s hair looks better with a little volume. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Volume Boost Daily Refresher is a refreshing spray that boosts body. It’s like a dry shampoo, only finer, minus any powdery residue, with added volume! Perfect to get a tousled look [that’s never flat] to take you from beach to bar.

Smooth, hydrated skin is an absolute MUST as the weather warms up. No, you cannot get away with moisturizing your legs every 3 days! Ella Bache’s Water Source Crème is my absolute favourite body moisturizer at the moment, it is so rich but not at all greasy or sticky. It’s absorbed almost immediately and leaves skin ever-so-smooth.

One of my favourite products for your face is Danne Montague King’s Seba E Hydrating Oil – it’s the finest blend of Vitamin E and herbal oils. Perfect for combating dryness and dehydration. No matter your skin type, do not be scared to put OIL on your face! It penetrates deep within the epidermis and plumps skin, if you’ve ever wondered how those girls get dewy, glowing skin – this is it.

All that’s left is your bikini of choice, oversized sunglasses, a designer beach towel and a chilled bottle of your favourite Champagne… Summer weekend, sorted!

– Guava & Lychee Sorbet Madison Jar | CELINE – Thin Preppy Sunglasses, (02) 9540 0500 | Estee Lauder – Modern Muse Chic EDP (available November 2nd) | Schwarzkopf Professional – Volume Boost Refresher from the BC Bonacure range | Danne Montague King – Seba E Hydrating Oil | Ella Bache – Water Source Crème  | Veuve Cliqquot Champagne | Seafolly Bikini Top | Missoni Beach Towel

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HALO- THE KATE 20141105-1839022072

There are small handful of things every, single girl – just simply shouldn’t live without – a killer hair straightener is pretty high on that list!

Perhaps you’re in the market for a new straightener or you simply just want to try something new? Halo Hair Tools are one of the latest, greatest must-have collections of magic wands to transform your hair any which way you desire – from sleek and polished to full of volume and lush curls. With hair stylers named after iconic starlets ranging from The Kate to The Alexa or The Marilyn – there’s a tool for every style and every facet of your personality.

Every Halo hair styler is created with Japanese Kyocera technology, which basically means that you hair won’t be damaged by the heat passing over it.

The Kate has been my hair straightener of choice lately, and here are just a few things I love about it:

  • It leaves my hair ridiculously smooth and shiny with just one pass
  • It has a temperature dial so you can select the appropriate temperature pending on which area of your hair you are styling, for example, I have highlights around my face – so I’ll dial down the temperature to protect these parts of my hair that are slightly more damaged than others – to keep my locks super smooth
  • It has universal voltage, so unlike a lot of other hair stylers – you can take it anywhere in the world and it’s performance won’t be comprised
  • It’s unique swivel cord makes it super easy to create any style you want – no getting caught or tangled when trying to give your locks a bit of movement at the ends

The über talented Carl Reeves is the local ambassador for Halo hair tools – a hair stylist for over 20 years and having styled the locks of Jessica Alba to the Pussycat Dolls to having worked on International fashion shows ranging from Chanel to Givenchy to Burberry to directing shows for the likes of Dion Lee and Alex Perry – when Carl talks hair – you listen!

We are so thrilled to have the rare opportunity to share these exclusive insider tips and tricks from Carl…

What are your top tips for using heat stylers (in particular, the Halo ‘Kate’) to create a perfectly smooth, sleek, straight hair look?
​The Kate is such an easy straightener to use. Once i have prepped the hair with a heat protector it’s a matter of taking manageable sized sections and running The Kate from roots to ends slowly to get an amazing smooth shinny result. I also use a large toothed comb to help me guild The Kate down the length of the hair.​

Do you have any tips for ensuring that your sleek, straight look has staying power?
That’s the best thing about The Kate. Because of the technology, you only have to pass The Kate once slowly down the hair shaft. Once you have straightened the whole head I would run a light serum though the ends for shine. If you have frizzy hair naturally, blow dry your roots just a little to help keep it smooth and straight all day.​

Many people think of a straight hair look as dull and a little boring. Are there any tricks of the trade to ensure your straight hair looks healthy and volumized (as opposed to flat and lifeless)
When I straighten hair I lift the roots with the iron rather then pull flat. This helps give me more volume. Because The Kate is 1 Pass technology you don’t over dry or flatten your hair either. Sometimes its nicer to not pull the hair too hard and straight down as well. Try starting the section you are straightening by pulling it forward from your face, then move in a circular motion so the iron is now moving back away from you. This way your hair is smooth but with a slight movement.​

A straightener is a hair-kit staple for any girl. Is there anything that sets Halo hair tools apart from other straighteners in the market? 
The technology sets it a part for sure. The Kate locks in the nutrients and to a point repairs the dry ends.. Also because it is 1 pass and not 4 or 5 passes over the same area, your hair will always be in amazing condition.​
[I couldn’t agree MORE with this, I have naturally quite thick and super long hair – and almost every hair straightener I have used requires me to go over the hair at least 3-4 times before it’s smooth and sleek, with The Kate – one slow pass and I’m done – saving me at least 15-20 minutes styling time!]



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ECOYA Brand Shoot 2014 - Pls credit Photographer Olivia Hemus

Our beautiful friends at ECOYA have recently unveiled their new brand imagery – and it’s nothing short of absolutely stunning!

The brand imagery depicts how Ecoya has evolved as a brand since 2004, going from strength to strength. Ecoya is sold right here in Australia in David Jones and also Liberty on London as well as the iconic Bloomingdales in the US. And, wait for it – now sell a product every 45 seconds (can you believe Ecoya has only been around for 10 years – and is so iconic!?)

The stunning imagery was shot by fashion photographer, Olivia Hemus and styled by Rachel Morton – depicting the Ecoya “family” amongst a whimsical set that features some of the scents and ingredients found within Ecoya products.

The imagery just oozes sophistication and encapsulates refined elegance, without being too precious – just how you want your home and all your treasures within in it to be!
The imagery makes me wish I was having a little afternoon soiree with my best girlfriends (favourite Ecoya scent burning in the background, of course!)

We’re thrilled to share this little behind the scenes snippet from this stunning ECOYA shoot…

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By Terry – Hylauronic Summer Bronzing Veil | Jurlique – Nutri-Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream | Kevyn Aucoin – Liquifuchsia Cream Blush | MAC – Relentlessly Red Lipstick | Kerastase – Soleil CC Creme | Ella Bache – Radiance C Antioxidant Defence Mist 

There are some things one should simply not go without as the humidity rises – a healthy ‘glow’ [faux or otherwise] is non negotiable. But a tan isn’t enough on it’s own to give you a radiant glowing complexion, you’ll need super hydrated, healthy skin and maybe, just a little help from your friends [AKA 6 products that will change your life, for Summer, anyway].

You need to ensure you always (always, always!) have a smooth, hydrated base to work with, whether you’re going sans makeup or otherwise. One of my favourite moisturisers of all time just so happens to be the latest and greatest moisturiser from Jurlique. From the Nutri-Define range, the Multi-Correcting Day Cream is super hydrating and enriched with Biosome5 – five SUPER potent ingredients including Rosemary, horseradish, mulberry, peppermint an glycogen, as well as Rapeseed oil (full of essential fatty acids) and Squalane Oil (which prevents water loss).

When it comes to bronzing, a powder bronzer can look a little cakey – so opt for a liquid bronzer that you can layer, mix, or alter ever so slightly pending on the occasion or your mood (tinted moisturiser with SPF for the beach or illuminator for Sunday cocktails). By Terry’s Hylauronic Summer Hydra-Veil plumps and hydrates the skin through the powerful hylauronic acid found within the bronzer, skin looks super smooth, almost airbrushed but not too ‘masked’.

Never underestimate the power of a great cream blush, I love Kevyn Aucoin’s Liquifuschia as a TINY bit goes a very, very long way. Don’t be intimidated by the super bright pink colour, blended, it gives a subtle rosy glow. Swathe the apples of your cheeks in this cream blush and finish with a tiny dab on the tip of your nose, centre of your forehead and [an even tinier dab] on your eyelids, it will give you a European-Summer holiday glow. Finish off your glowing complexion with a pop colour lip, the perfect little pick-me-up that lets you go from beach to bar or simply as a means to look super polished with as little effort as possible, my favourite colour at the moment is MAC Relentlessly Red – it’s the perfect bright, pinky red that has a blue undertone so it makes your pearly whites appear even whiter and suits all skin tones.

For your hair, the key is keep your tresses looking healthy and lush – never dry or damaged, even if you are opting for an un-done post beach look.
Kerastase’s new limited edition Soleil CC Creme protects hair from harmful UV rays and environment aggressors such as the ocean which can leave hair dull, faded and brittle. It is also enriched with safflower oil, ceramics and antioxidants to nourish and repair the hair – and finally linseed oil and illuminating pearls will leave your locks glowing!

Whether you are spending a day at the beach or are running from your desk to an event or are travelling this Summer, a facial mist is the perfect way to keep your skin looking radiant all day (and night!) long.
Ella Bache’s Radiance C Antioxidant Defence Mist is enriched with Vitamin C and Hylauronic Acid – two key ingredients for supreme skin hydration. Amongst many other powerful ingredients, it also features Witch Hazel extract which acts as a antibacterial pore cleanser that removes excess oil. Whether you need to refresh your makeup at 4pm or give your skin a little TLC when travelling or after a day at the beach – this is a MUST have!



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9ONE5 x DMK - Super Model Skin - DMK

As you may know, we have been visiting our local Danné Montague King clinic, undertaking a series of treatments exclusive to DMK, Enzyme Therapy.
In case you missed our introduction to the DMK brand and Enzyme Therapy, you can read all about it here.

Today, I wanted to check in to provide you with a quick update on my skin and the results you can expect from your Enzyme Therapy.

I have undergone a total of three Enzyme Masques so far; DMK recommends between 6 to 12 treatments to achieve optimal results; but, in just three treatments, my skin is already so much smoother than when I first began my series of treatments! There have been three major developments I’ve seen in my skin over the process;
1. Skin smoothness
2. Improved evenness of skin tone
3. My skin heals far faster than it did before

Obviously, miracles can’t be expected in just three 45 minute sessions, so I’m attributing my increasingly- radiant complexion down to my DMK home care programme.

The products I wanted to share with you are products that I believe will work for EVERY skin type regardless of condition, age or specific concern.

photo (10)

EYETONE-HEADERI don’t know about you, but I have been known to layer anywhere between 2-4 eye products. I am only in my mid-twenties, but if I am showing first signs of fine lines anywhere, it is definitely around my eyes.

I have replaced three products that I regularly use with just one, Eye Tone. Eye tone is a heavy serum like formula that brightens, tones and firms the under eye area while plumping fine lines through the infusion of hyaluronic acid in the serum.

If you are after a no-fuss product to really work on your under-eye area, this is it.

BETAGELI use a lot of serums, all delivering similar results, however I have never used anything like Beta Gel! The results of this serum takes around 4 weeks of consistent use to see results, and even so, I only noticed how it affected my skin when I stopped using it.

This serum encapsulates Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Betaglucan to stimulate the skins immune system – allowing the skin to generate healthier skin cells.

So what differences have I seen in my skin? An exponential increase in hydration and (this, I absolutely LOVE) a far, far greater increase in skin healing time. I am generally quite a slow healer – if I squeeze a pimple (blasphemy, I know! But we all do it!) it will take me sometimes up to 2-3 weeks for the redness to go away.

Now I put this serum to the test (to note, I definitely did not plan this) when I burnt my forehead with a curling wand, two applications of this serum a day over a 48 hour period, and the burn was completely healed, this would usually take weeks to heal on my skin!

Even if you opt to use this serum as a rescue remedy when your skin needs an extra immune boost, it is definitely one to invest in, and if you use it everyday, just like taking a series of multi-vitamins, your skin will simply go from strength to strength, what’s not to love!

EFA+I am sure you have read the benefits of taking a hair and skin supplement or how fish oil can boost your skins appearance. I took a hair and skin supplement everyday for years, however I was never sure it was actually doing anything. DMK’s efa+ are a premium blend of essential fatty acids inclusive of antioxidants found within fish oil, vitamin E supplements and more!

Take this supplement religiously for 3-4 weeks (you need to give yourself at least 3 weeks to see real results) and I promise, you will notice your skin will become far more healthy and radiant – also expect glossier, thicker hair and faster growing nails.

So what’s the difference between this supplement and one you can buy the supermarket? The concentration and purity of the ingredients; the quality of essential acids found within DMK’s efa+ allow your body absorb them straight away while something you buy in the supermarket, it could be weeks, even months before your body responds to the active ingredients and then starts to absorb it.

It is also proven that Vitamin E prevents premature signs of aging and long term use of Vitamin E can boost the skins’ immune to UVB exposure and reduce the severity of sunburns; best to start using now in preparing for glowing, healthy skin this Summer!

I will be sure to keep you posted on my DMK journey; and stay tuned for as we focus on a series skincare features as Spring is fast approaching!

To start your own DMK journey or to purchase any DMK products, visit the Danné Montague King website to find your nearest clinic to purchase products or to book a skin consultation.

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So you have your Summer foundation and your Winter foundation, accessories for every occasion and skincare for every concern, but have you ever thought of building your hairspray wardrobe?
Whether your in search of the perfect all-rounder or have your signature style that needs to be set to perfection – we’ve searched high and low to bring you six of the very best hairsprays.


You need the perfect ‘all rounder’
Original & Mineral – Original Queenie Hairspray
It’s harder to report on things this hairspray can’t do as opposed to what it does do. O&M’s Original Queenie offers medium, flexible hold – it’s perfect for keeping a bouncy blow wave in tact, without a tacky, crunchy finish. My favourite thing about this hairspray is that it has a matte finish (think of the mist as hairspray with just a tiny of volumising powder) but unlike other ‘matte finish’ sprays, Original Queenie leaves hair ultra hydrated and manageable.

You need to set a smooth glossy style
Kerastase – Laque Couture Hairspray
This ultra-fine mist hairspray seals locks to perfection, the spray smooths hair cuticles to eliminate frizz while delivering medium hold for all styles. Great for keeping volume at the roots and perfect to hold loosely finished up-styles in place; sans fly aways!

You need just a little extra hold for your ‘natural’ style
L’Oreal Professional
– Nude Touch
So you’re going for that beachy/I just rolled out of bed and look amazing kind of ‘do today. Hairspray looks far too overdone. A few spritzes of ‘Nude Touch’ will give hair just a little added hold, with a little added ‘sheen’. Unlike traditional mist-hairsprays, this product keeps styles in place with a fine spritz. The fact that it smells delicious is an added bonus!

You need volume and don’t want your waves to drop
Living Proof – Flex Shaping Hairspray
This beauty of a hairspray was recommended to me by one of the head hair stylists at E! in Los Angeles. This hairspray is a little gem. It offers medium hold that lasts and lasts! I also love that it offers humidity protection. It has a powder-like mist that is very similar to O&M’s Original Queenie. It is perfect for using on hair pre heat styling as, like your favourite foundation, t’s completely layerable pending on the amount of hold you need.

You are styling your hair once. That’s once only. For the next three days.
– Power Mist
Curling your hair and don’t need it to last until tomorrow, you need it to last ALL weekend? Look no further than Joico’s Power Mist – I have never come across a hairspray that lasts as long as this! Hair never becomes crunchy or stiff. Joico’s Power Mist offers humidity protection and brilliant shine. I have curled my hair before bed, finished with this hairspray and have woken up with perfectly bouncy curls. Just be mindful that this hairspray REALLY holds if you’ve used more than one mist; if you tie your hair with an elastic or finish with a clip, be prepared to see evidence of this.

You just need to add a little radiance to your hair, with the subtlest hold
Schwarzkopf - OSiS Sparkler Gloss Shine Spray
Lusting after sparkling hair, but don’t want the weight of an oil or crème? OSiS Sparkler Shine Spray instantly leaves hair with luminous glow with a very subtle hold. I love using this spray to refresh and revive dull looking second-day curls or waves or finishing a sleek ponytail with a generous mist. There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this spray; you can even add to damp hair to detangle and condition and as for finishing, there’s no style that it won’t complement perfectly.

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